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   Manufacturer and distributor of construction aids, construction equipment such as plaster mixers, concrete pouring tanks, pick-up trucks, concrete winches and steel scaffolding, etc. With over 30 years of experience as a manufacturer, the company's products Under the brand STARON is a product of strong quality, durable, and in addition, the company Can also produce construction equipment according to the form the customer wants the company Sincerely hope that The company's products will be able to meet your needs more efficiently. And besides, the company Will strive to develop products And company services To have better quality for you further.

      Industrial tools, Hand tools, Industrial products, Dealers High Tensile Magnet, Magnet Neodymium, distributor of wire springs, saw blades and band saw blades, sells TSK bearings, coolant oil, sells engines, molds, magnets, hydraulic oil, water pumps, screws, bolts, cutting Tools, cutting oil, cutting equipment, electrical equipment, threading repair kits, factory equipment, heavy and light industrial screws, special taps for hard steel.

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